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So, major news, I’ve been invited to be a co-curator on HTML5 Gallery! This is very exciting and I’m really thankful to Rich Clark for the invitation! My old school friend Ian Devlin, long a voice in the HTML5 arena, is in someway, with Rich, responsible for my involvement in this, so thanks for the good word Ian! I look forward to spreading the HTML5 love across all the sites I review, and offering advice and (what I hope people will accept as positive) critiques of the sites and their work. There’s a lot of good effort being put into HTML5 now and I’m delighted to be involved in it at this early stage. Remember, if you have a site you’ve worked on and you’ve made an effort to get it as HTML5 compliant, submit it to HTML5 Gallery and we’ll review it. If you’ve any questions about the draft specification too, or are just generally interested in HTML5 implementation, why not drop myself, Ian, Derek or Rich a line or catch us all on Twitter below.

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