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A matter of books

I posted on Twitter a smattering of books I had recently acquired, along with some old ones which resulted in the question, when did my library get so sensible?

This led me to thinking about the type of library I have. I’m into a lot of things and have books on most, not least Classical History, Art, Photography, Music, Science, Science Fiction, Movies and Rugby. What always astounds me though is the number of computer programming books I have. I’ve broken them down by shelf, into books that get used a lot, books that get used a little and books that get used rarely, each one slightly larger than the one before.

This is a the current ‘books that get used a lot’ shelf:

A lot of classics there and a lot of new stuff I haven’t finished (and in some cases, I haven’t started reading yet)! Like I say, this is just a small portion of what’s on my shelves. Tie into that my wife’s books (she’s an artists and reads lots on the subject) and it makes for a fairly hefty library.

Which is always a good thing, don’t you agree?!

By the way, the Stephen Hawking book in the Twitter photo? I got to Chapter 3 of ‘A brief history of time.’ I wonder how far I’ll get with this one?!