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Recent Twitter posts will have seen me rant about lost time and not having enough of it. I’d like to explain this a little further.

The whole world is busy. Everyone’s busy. There’s a goddamn global recession going on and we’re all trying to make a buck/euro/pound/yen/etc, but what about life!? What about our free time? What about takin’ a bleedin’ break? So with that in mind, here’s my future agenda. I have no idea when it’s going to happen, but if it’s in a list and it’s written down, it might happen:

  • Visit Iceland
  • Visit Berlin
  • Visit Rome
  • Visit Rome again for Italy v Ireland in the Six Nations 2011
  • Start Project Icarus
  • Finish Project Icarus
  • Get the exhibition I have opening in Limerick a venue in Dublin
  • Make more prints (in a print workshop)
  • Take more photos
  • Take more time off with my wife
  • Learn the piano
  • Learn Italian
  • Finish learning Montenegrin
  • Write more blogs
  • Put more photos up
  • Have more interesting things to say about HTML5 (and stuff)
  • Get more involved in the (out of office hours) web scene

In fairness, the last couple there are in the works, which I’ll expand upon later. Otherwise, many of these are on the never, never and while I’d dearly hope to make them all happen, some are going to take longer than others.

Watch this space!

[Update: Add to the list above, finish styling this site so bullet lists appear correctly!! Sheesh!]